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WEBCOR Builders (spec-site)

Webcor Builders is an award-winning general contractor specializing in a wide variety of project types—from large, ground-up core and shell to small tenant improvement and seismic retrofits.

WEBCOR has completed over fifty million square feet of projects to date. So when we had an opportunity through Twenty20 Marketing and Kineto Pictures to pitch them on a website, we jumped at it. Ultimately we were not awarded the project, but we were very proud of how quickly our spec site came together. In a matter of days we designed and coded a lot of (simple) functionality into our spec site.

All three companies met with WEBCOR and pitched them an site where their sales force could create custom tailored presentations for their individual clients from a common library of project assets. They would then use the website like a web application. They could save their projects, provide secure login for their clients to review the same presentations later, and even track how many times their presentations had been viewed. The ambitious project also called for a number of video assets and the system we proposed would also track the amount of viewed video and notify WEBCOR when their users had seen a certain video so they could follow-up with their client on a call or email. It was an awesome opportunity just to meet with WEBCOR Builders and prove to ourselves how fast we could put together an idea.

Check out WEBCOR Builders and see how their site turned out!