bryan moore

Bryan Moore


Bryan graduated from the University of Utah in 2004 and immediately started Lights & Colors, Inc. Through a close relationship with Kineto Pictures, the two companies went on to create award winning material. Together they worked on the second season of Baby Signing Time and continued to build accolades. Since then Bryan has helped create campaigns for multi-million dollar companies throughout the United States. Bryan’s expertise is design, working in Illustrator, Photoshop & After Effects.

eric moore

Eric Moore

Video Production + Post

Eric graduated from the University of Utah after much deliberation between something he liked and something that guaranteed immortality; he chose what he likes to do: Film. He has a love for making stories up, some might call them lies, but it keeps those around him on their toes and he hopes these stories will make him money someday. He has aligned himself with people that will allow him to be creative and to help people realize their stories or ideas with the following programs: The Adobe Studio and Final Cut Studio. He has also been able to see a lot of the country and abroad through work with Kineto Pictures and Lights & Colors fulfilling roles from assistant director to lighting design to crane operator to producer.

pete rugh

Pete Rugh

Web Design + Development

After working for 4 years in the web design & consulting industry, Pete went on his own to pursue a career in freelance web design. Pete joined Lights & Colors shortly thereafter. Pete specializes in web work in the winter sports industry. Past work include, Olympic athletes, free skiing athletes, winter sports local businesses and international ski brands. Pete's expertise is creating rich user experiences using standards compliant HTML/CSS, PHP & jQuery.

dan hilton

Dan Hilton

Web Development

Dan has been telling computers what to do since 2001, and they listen. He earned a Computer Science degree from the University of Utah in 2009, and has worked with Lights and Colors on several projects since 2010. Web development is his specialty, but with over a dozen languages in his repertoire Dan can do a bit of everything.