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SoZo Ignite

How to take an energy drink and market it to the right audience. Sozo was sure of one thing: they didn't want an Extreeeeeeme commercial, they wanted a real one.

Sozo wanted a video that took the energy drink and applied to real world situations. We hired Damian Dayton to scribe and put together a nice lifestyle piece based on their energy drink, revolving around a father, a student and a young mom. For the lighting, we had to build a lighting rig with a generator and attached it to the back of our grip truck to get that nice soft daylight glow on the talent. Plus, it was a lot of fun to take the GoPro underwater for the swimming scenes.

The graphics were done in After Effects and are minimalist to highlight the notions of science in the script. It was shot on DSLR, GoPro, edited in FCP and After Effects, shot by Kineto Pictures. Lights and Colors provided post.