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The Leonardo 2.0 (a work in progress) click to visit site

The first build was great, now, let's expand upon it and improve it.

The Leonardo museum in Salt Lake City, Utah is approaching their opening date in 2011, and Lights and Colors has been there to assist with their web efforts as they ramp up for launch. For this release, we were asked to help with the introduction of the educational outreach program "/Learning" and to expand upon our original design to allow room for expansion and growth. Finally we needed a strong UX for the exhibits section.

We used the Concrete5 ( content management system as a foundation to this build. It has allowed The Leonardo the ability to easily maintain and edit their own content. The learning curve with Concrete5 is actually very manageable for any level of user. Where a project calls for a content management system, we definitely recommend it. It's super flexible for designers as well.

NOTE: This project is a work in progress, so you will notice that our thumbnails above have Lorem Ipsum text, that's because everyone here in Salt Lake is also fluent in Latin.