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Z-Line Designs

Somehow we convinced Zline Designs and Kyle Busch that we should surround their TV Stand with miniature ponies with hats and techno music. It was awesome.

Z-Line Designs, Inc. is the nation’s leading import manufacturer of home office, home entertainment, seating and home décor, ready-to-assemble (RTA) furniture. They are a huge sponsor in NASCAR and are the official sponsor of Kyle Busch in the NationWide series. They decided that they wanted to do something with the hefty license and came to Twenty20 Marketing for ideas. Phil Shelp, founder of Twenty20 looked to Kineto Pictures and Lights and Colors, Inc to drum up ideas for the furniture juggernaut.

We came up with a few ideas that directly commented on the idea of advertising. Our goal was definitely not to come out with a message, we just thought it would be fun to flip advertising on it's head. We knew that we would have Kyle Busch but what we didn't expect was to have his wife, Samantha Sarcinella on set. She was awesome. We hardly had to direct them at all, and they brought a lot to the set. We shot a couple of commercials in one day, one with ponies and one with puppies, and it was crazy. Plus afterwards, we got to eat the puppies. Just checking to see if you got this far. We didn't eat the puppies.