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Microsoft Windows 7

After the critically panned Vista release, Microsoft was looking to rebound on the retail reseller side with the launch of Windows 7. Interestingly enough, they wanted to address some of the issues that resellers had complained about head on.

McCann Erickson came to Kineto Pictures and Lights and Colors, Inc. looking for a group that could bring their internal ideas to life. We were more than willing to jump at this opportunity. We liked the script and the direction it was going, so we quickly got on board. Probably the most interesting part of the shoot was destroying the IKEA desks (sorry Sweden) with the pallet of books. We scored the desks to make the break easier, but that didn't seem to matter when you drop a ton of books on a desk, any desk will break.

But where did we get the pallets of books? Those came from a couple of phonecalls to a local warehousing company that Lights and Colors, Inc. has worked for, National Product Sales. Bryan made a call into National Product Sales and it just so happened that they were sitting on multiple pallets of some of the heaviest books known to man: Car Manuals. Graciously NPS let us borrow the pallets and we quickly put them to use. We shot this commercial over the course of two busy days on the RED camera. Kineto did an edit pass and Lights and Colors, Inc did the graphics pass.

The target audience for this piece were internal and Microsoft resellers, but honestly, we wish that they had taken this "you got me" approach to their post-Vista launch on a national scale. It likely would have bought them a lot of points with consumers.