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Mangia in-stadium advertisement

You are watching a huge game. You bought the tickets on Craigslist for $120 each. You don't want to get up to buy nachos for your daughter. So, you Mangia.

Mangia is a start-up aimed to solve the hassle of waiting in line to order concessions. Through their product you can set up a login and credit card and order anything right from your seat. An employee will find you and bring you the concessions for a small convenience fee per transaction. Pretty cool idea.

Mangia wanted an epic commercial that captured the drama of sports and conveyed how you don't want to miss the key moments of your team. Kineto Pictures filled a portion of the Rio Tinto stadium and brought their world class camera crew to document a dramatic sporting match. Only problem, there were no sports being played. So director Damian Dayton had the challenge of encouraging the entire crowd to fake it. It was a success, and the results were great. We stepped in and added the bold graphics and effect work. You know, how we do.