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Jenny Oaks Baker - PBS Special for KUED

A study in how to treat movies, moving music and a beautiful instrument with the reverence that they deserve with lighting and minimalist graphics.

Jenny Oaks Baker performed a concert event televised on PBS in Salt Lake City in 2010. Travis Babcock of Kineto Pictures came to us and asked us to develop a way to introduce the pieces that she was going to play. Jenny Oaks Baker is an American violinist. She was a first violinist in the National Symphony Orchestra for seven years. She has released eight studio albums.

The concert was built around memorable music from cinema. Including pieces from The Wizard of Oz, The Mission and Schindler's List. We thought we could convey a sense of reverence for the both the music and the instrument and decided to do a motion tracking piece with graphics laid over softly lit violin shots.

Travis shot this on DSLR and we loved the way the lighting and dust worked in the piece. Adding the graphics was the final touch, and we felt we had created soft respectful pieces that matched the tone of the music and the instrument that brought the music to life.