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Crime Reports

Working with over 700 agencies across North America, CrimeReports is the largest online resource for accurate, up-to-date crime information.

Report crime, that is what Crime Reports does as a service to it's customers. They provide a software solution that reports crime data for your area. In order to promote their services they needed a web video. Kineto Pictures asked Lights and Colors to produce a simple opening for the Crime Reports series of videos. The music was selected for it's vaguely crime show feel, and the animation was matched to the beats.

We always try to build our After Effects projects with the idea that assets can be swapped in and out to create future editions of the self same projects. Such was the case with Crime Reports. We streamline the time lines so our workflow can quickly produce new renditions of the video should the client come back for future requests, and come back they did. And we were happy, because we were ready, like hungry wolf.