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Tiger & Leon Pitch Pamphlet

Tiger & Leon is an ambitious children's television program aimed at helping kids learn english, and spanish and vice-versa.

Damian Dayton and Bryan Moore had been kicking around an idea to take to the children's television market. They both act like children at times, so it was a good fit. Along with other employees at Kineto Pictures, they came up with Tiger & Léon. Tiger and Léon are neighbors. Tiger speaks English and Léon speaks Spanish, but just as most children gain language skills through play so to will Tiger and Léon. They play soccer, dance, sing, read books and solve mysteries together. Children from either culture will have a hero to identify with and new eyes to learn about the world around them.

Tiger & Léon all designs and all ideas are copyrighted by Kineto Pictures and Lights and Colors, Inc. 2011