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Other Design Projects (Logo, Portfolio, Book Cover)

A lovable nerd starts a production company, Bryan tried to join Pixar's team in 2006 (and failed), and a friend needs a brand for a workplace revolution.

Mike Stone (friend of the show) started his own production services company in 2011 and needed a logo, so he asked us to throw something together. Back in 2006 Bryan thought it would be fun to work for Pixar, because, look, if we have to explain why he would want to work there... anyway Pixar had a position open that Bryan applied for. He bundled together his work and packaged it in a cereal box mock-up, it was fun. Sadly, yet ultimately thankfully, he never heard back. The experience was a significant and powerful catalyst to become a better designer and kickstart Lights and Colors, Inc.

Management Malpractice is a book written by Craig Hickman aimed at revolutionizing the workplace from the worker up. We were only beginning at the time and jumped at the opportunity to design a book jacket. Ultimately the book got a different cover, but half of the challenge of running a design business is realizing that you are not always a genius, your ideas of design are not always the best fit. They say "back to the drawing board" for a reason, because more often than not that continued and renewed effort breeds much stronger work.